At Lockwood, we're building a new campaign playbook.
We believe the way we communicate has evolved, the electorate is online and great content, like Beyoncé, is queen.


Together and respectively, our team has run both local digital organizing programs on a

shoe-string budget and $42 million media campaigns for presidential candidates. Having each grown up online (some much earlier than others), we don’t just understand how millennials think and where they consume their information, we are millennials who think and consume information.

We also understand how complicated digital media can be to get a grasp on and are committed to not only delivering a measurable impact to our partners with every project we touch, but also educating and empowering our partners to become savvy, better informed digital strategists along the way.

To us, digital is not a department or strategy, it's a toolkit that makes our campaigns more creative, targeted and impactful.


We develop smart and savvy strategies to reach your target audiences with the right message in the right format on the right platform at the right time with the right call to action.


We design, produce and build things including (but never limited to) websites, mobile apps, videos, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat ads, filters, posts and sponsored content.


We have ideas, schemes and take risks. We believe in experimentation, keep up with the evolution of digital platforms and products and embrace failure as a necessary step towards innovation.

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